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Here We Go

Samantha and Julia have been friends for years. Joe, Alex, and Nick are the men in their lives, and each of them wants to be more than just a friend.

Samantha doesn’t really give romance much thought until her high school sweetheart shows up unexpectedly at her door after a decade-long absence. As much as Sam would like to put the past behind her, she finds herself suddenly trying to choose between whether or not to give her old flame a second chance or to finally take things to a new level with a good friend.

When Julia’s longtime boyfriend suddenly reveals that he is in love with someone else, Julia reverts to the carefree, reckless behavior of her college days. Julia goes from party girl to pregnant and alone, making Samantha wonder if Julia is the best person to turn to when it comes to seeking advice for matters of the heart.

The One Who Got Away

Everyone has that person in his or her life… The one who got away.

For Lucy, that person is Jackson. Reunited after many years and many changes, Lucy and Jackson find themselves caught in a dilemma. Both of them are struggling with the fact that their old feelings for each other have been reawakened…

And now both of them are involved with other people.

Should Lucy stay in a comfortable, routine relationship with her boyfriend, Matt, even though he doesn’t make her feel the way Jackson does? Should Jackson keep going with the flow in his marriage to Sloane, his overbearing wife who is pressuring him to start a family?

What begins as a friendship rekindled leads to a romance caught on fire as Lucy and Jackson question the decisions they made in their younger years and wonder if they are truly meant to be together.

One of the Guys

Kate is helping her best friends Lucy and Jackson plan their wedding and is attempting to juggle a few romances of her own.  Everyone is questioning when it'll finally be Kate's turn to walk down the aisle, but she can't even manage to hang on to a boyfriend! She does have a few options, though.  There's Chris, the smooth, sexy photographer. And then there's Max, the boy next door "friend with benefits..." Kate can't help but wonder - is it even possible to date one of your guy friends?  How about two? At the same time? Which one of the guys will she choose?

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